Spring 2024

Spring 2024

2024 will begin with the premiere of the Nelson’s opera Pride & Prejudice. It will be played in Umeå by the most northernly opera company in the world, NorrlandsOperan. After the first 10 performances, Pride & Prejudice will go on tour in a chamber version, and play in venues in Sweden through to April.

Nelson’s children’s opera Sova Vaken will also see repeat performances during 2024, by the Swedish Royal Opera. Currently, Daniel Nelson is working on a Swedish Radio commission of an orchestral song cycle for BBC rising star soprano Johanna Wallroth and the Swedish Chamber Orchestra, to be premiered in October 2024.

February also sees the premiere of Nelson’s woodwind quintet, Touch Wood, by the Nordic Woodwind Quintet.

Additional notable performances of works during the spring of 2024 Music for Beasts, The Ghost Machine Treatise, and Cardiac Fanfare.

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